Ticketing Services

We have special discounted fares offered by various airlines to specific destinations from time to time. We shall be able to manage your travel properly on all domestic and international routes for any airline, offering the best services by our professional and experienced team at the best price available as per your requirement and preference of travel.
We are also a Ticket Office to Hahn Air’s over 300 air, rail & shuttle partners. The agency will provide support with HR-169 ticketing as well as information about Hahn Air’s services to the Sudanese market and the region.

Every HR-169 ticket issued by Hahn Air’s Ticket Offices automatically include Hahn Air’s benefits, such as the free insolvency insurance Securtix®, 24/7 support via its global Service Desk and a 14-day refund guarantee.




Visa Assistance

All visitors to Sudan require a visa, you need to apply in advance. Tourist visas are valid for a one-month stay, and used within a month of issue. contact the Sudanese Embassy in your country for all requirements needed.
All foreigners must register with the Ministry of Interior within three days of arrival in Sudan.
Visa  Extensions: If you wish to extend you your stay you can do so by applying for it at the Ministry of  Interior in Khartoum. Visa extension applications are only accepted when you have a few days left on your visa.
Vaccination Certificates: A yellow fever certificate is required if you were arriving from an endemic area.
Sudanese Embassies:
UK : 3 Cleveland Row, St James's, London SW1A 1DD 
USA:  2210 Massachusetts Av NW, Washington  DC 20008 
Germany:  Kurfurstendamm  151, 10709 Berlin 
Netherlands 81 Laan Copes Van Cattenburch, 2585 EW, The Hague.

Hotel Bookings


Our knowledgeable team of travel consultants in  Sudan make booking hotels at great rates really quick and easy! We provide travellers with an efficient and reliable guide to assist with hotel,  transport and activity bookings all the way from Khartoum Airport to everywhere in Sudan

We Have All Budgets Covered With Our Large Selection. We Have Partnered With The Sudan's Best Hotels. Our staff will  Save you  time & money

We offer a wide variety of carefully selected accommodation options to ensure that unique travel requirements are met for business trips,  successful conferences  and memorable family holidays

Through our years of experience we can  make travel arrangements to suit every budget

We can personally help you to find out more about the attractions, activities and restaurants nearby your selected hotel or do it yourself in a way that you prefer

Start  your accommodation booking by sending us an mail at or click on the contact button at the top


Tourism Services

Traveling to Sudan  

Welcome to Sudan, the land where, finally, the Middle East meets beautiful Africa

The streets were dusty and unpaved but it was the month of December, so a slight winter breeze produced a pleasant feeling. I felt like wandering around some villages settled along the Nile river, the shore of which is so fertile that, for a moment, I forgot that I was in the middle of the desert.

Best time to travel to Sudan  Sudan is one of the hottest countries in the world. If you really want to enjoy your trip to Sudan, you must go in winter, from November to February. The rest of the year, the heat is just unbearable, especially in summer. I went there in December and, at noon, the temperature reached over 34ºC.

Is it safe to travel to Sudan?With one of the lowest crime rates in the world today, the tourist part of Sudan is one of the safest areas in Africa. However, there are tribal conflicts in Darfur province (west) and near the border with South Sudan. This violence is quite far from the touristic routes and, in the unlikely event that you managed to get close to there, the violence would never target foreigners.

How to get there – Most people travel to Sudan overland, either from Egypt or Ethiopia. By plane, people tend to come from Cairo, Doha, Dubai or Addis Ababa. I entered Sudan from Egypt.

Language – Arabic is the official language. Nevertheless, like in any African country, Sudan is also home to several different ethnicities who speak their own local language, as well. Basic English is spoken by a significant part of the population, especially those with a higher level of education. Communicating with people, as well as asking for directions, doesn’t impose any real problems when traveling in Sudan




Group Travel

Places to visit

Al Mogran is where the two Niles meet.
National Museum of Sudan
Ethnographic Museum
Republican Palace Museum
Tuti Island
Omdurman Souk
Saad Geshra Souk 
The Mahdi's Tomb
The Khalifa's House
Camel Market
Hamed al Nil Tomb 

International Driving Licence

The IDP proves that you hold a valid driver’s license in your country of residence. It will also help protect you and your family in the event of an accidental and/or vehicle damage while driving abroad, or the loss of legal identification such as a passport. The IDP is recognized all over the world and is available in 10 different languages in order to help overcome language barriers.

It is a legal requirement for visitors to have a valid International Driving Permit  (IDP) in order to rent a car and legally drive in Sudan. All visitors who plan to drive must make sure they obtain an IDP in their home country or country of residence before they travel.
If you want to drive a motor vehicle while you’re traveling abroad, you should get an international driving permit (IDP). When accompanied by your valid Sudanese  driver’s license, your IDP will allow you to drive legally.. 
What is an international driving permit?
An international driving permit (IDP) allows you to drive legally abroad  when it is accompanied by your valid Sudanese  driver's license





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