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Day1. arrival to Khartoum international airport and transfer to hotel  .  

Day2Khartoum & Omdurman  citytour of Khartoum and Omdurman including a visit to the national museum, Ethnographic museum, Khalifa's House (museum), Mehdi Tomp and the old Suq (market) of  Omdurman, and visit to the confluence of the two niles (BlueNile & White Nile) at evening return to the hotel.

Day3. Naqa – Mussawarat – Meroe drive to the ancient cultic centre of Nagaa with the meroitic temple of    Amun, the Roman chapel and the lion temple, about 160 km and Proceed to Musawarat as-Sufra 20 km, an extensive temple area with rare elephant depictions. Afterwards continue to the small town of Shendi, 80 km, and onwards 30 km to Meroe. Visit the largest pyramid cemetery of the Nile valley – dozens of black pyramids rise from the desert sands. Tent overnight in front of the pyramids of Meroe. Overnight in tents


Day4. Meroe - Damer - Bayouda Desert- DeirGhazali- Karima
In the morning opportunity to take a stroll and photograph the pyramids. Then drive to El Damer 100 km, crossing the Nile to Umm Tuyur on the west bank. Afterwards the route leads through the Bayouda desert for 400 km, Visit to the ancient monastery of DeirGhazali, then drive to Nuri, 25 km. Visit the cemetery containing the pyramids of the 26th dynasty, among them that of Pharaoh Taharqa. Afterwards drive to Karima overnight at a tourist hotel

Day5.crossing the Nile to visit the necropolis of el-Kurru, 18 km. The subterranean tomb of King Tanwetamani is decorated in the classical pharaonic style. Drive to Jebel Barkal, 18 kmAscent to Jebel Barkal and afterwards visit to the great temple of Amun of Napata dating back to the 12th century B.C. The temple was the most important religious centre of Kush, overnight in Karima – tourist hotel.   

Day6.  Kerma: drive from Karima then crossing the desert to Kerma about 300 km overnight at a    Nubian house.



Day7.  Old Dongola:  drive from Kerma to old Dongola overnight in tents.


Day8.  Khartoum:  drive back to Khartoum for evening departure.


































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