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It Is a pleasure to meet  you at the airport ,Our driver will transfer you to a hotel  of your choice, dinner not included and overnight stay.


NOC NO000000C !       WAKE UP NOW

Cus we have a rich and long day! And also fun too ,so now enjoy your breakfast , drink your coffee and be ready for our lovely journey . At first we will take you on a short tour of Khartoum , and then visit the National Museum  besides you will see many beautiful objects on the way . In particular it have collections of some periods of the history of Sudan ,Paleolithic , Mesolithic , Neolithic ,A-Group Culture , C-Group Culture kerma culture , Middle kingdom of  Egypt , New kingdom of Egypt , Napata ,Meroe, X-Group culture and medieval Makuria . we will stop for a lunch time, so enjoy your meal with one of Sudanese traditional food will be on the menu  , which will be on a boat while we sailing the Nile , We will cross  the area where the Blue Nail meet the White Nile (ALMOGRAN) Until we reach Omdurman city , visit the (COLOURFUL SOUK) , At the sunset we will  visit (HMED ALNIL)  tomb's to see the ceremony of the whirling Dervishes , which it considered as Religious Tradition (only on Friday).



Breakfast time ,have  your coffee and get ready for your flight , where we are going ? Oh ! we are going to Port Sudan city, and the flight will be just before lunch . Port Sudan it very beautiful city , where we will  find a lot of attraction . (the journey take about one hour ) when  we will get there, have some rest  at your hotel and get ready for your late lunch  .

Which will be at the (Souk Alsamk) it is a popular fish market, for 30 minutes we will be taken you for a run on a glass – bottom boat trip , The boat hugs around the lagoon and you are bound to see plenty of rainbow, coloured fish species .


Another new lovely day,

Shinab is located in Halaib governorate north of port sudan ,the sea in this region forms a bay that extends into the mountains , and is characterized and suitable for diving ,fishing and camping. Arquette tourist of the red sea and is one of the coolest areas in the state . Enjoy the view of the stone building.

                            DIVING YES, BUT WITH RESPONSIBILITY!








DAY 5-6

waaa more lovey days , good morning. Enjoy your breakfast by the Red sea.

SANGANEB coral reef is truly a beautiful site to dive in  , The reef rises from depths of 800m , the outer drop offs boast caves and gullies , the reef is recognized for it is  high levels of biodiversity . Shaab Rumi , one of the most extraordinary and famous coral barriers 48km north of port Sudan (shark diving ) , is also popular among the global diving  community . SHIPWRECK , tow significant shipwrecks are present within and not very far from Sanganab  Atoll Marine National PARK. The first is of a coastal dhow that struck the outer reef over 20 years ago and the other is of a luxury  yacht that sank in the lagoon after years of neglect. LIGHTHOUSE , built in 1906 by the British , the lighthouse is a historic and icon feature of sanganeb  Atoll Marine National Park, located approximately 25km east of port Sudan . Standing 54m high with a base diameter of 10m , Sanganebs lighthouses is one of the most important lighthouses for navigation in the Red Sea and offers the best lookout point overlooking the remarkable sangeneb reef. Enjoy overnight on the boat where the tranquil atmosphere, charming stars and beautiful night with  the nature.



Final scenes, In the morning the boat will sail back to Port Sudan, where you will get ready for your flight to Khartoum airport , from there you will be catching your flight back home, The End and see you again.

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