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Algalib Travel is a registered name of Algalib Travel and Tourist agency with number 34005: A travel operator based in Sudan.
Algalib Travel and tourist agency is a family business founded in 1995 . 
Today we have two branches one in Helat Koko and the other one in the alsoug  alrabai the centre of Khartoum.  We are one of the two ticket Office in Sudan for  Hahn Air  which we help  Sudanese agencies to have access to Hahn Air’s over 300 air, rail & shuttle partners through  our offices in Sudan . The agency will provide support with HR-169 ticketing as well as information about Hahn Air’s services to the Sudanese market and the region. 
Every HR-169 ticket issued by Hahn Air’s Ticket Offices automatically include Hahn Air’s benefits, such as the free insolvency insurance Securtix®, 24/7 support via its global Service Desk and a 14-day refund guarantee.


Founder and General Manager of Algalib Travel (Owner of Algalib Travel), was born and grew up in Sudan, went to college in Edinburgh & Bangor UK, Since return to Sudan has been involved in exploring and designing trips for Algalib Travel and some of the other most prestigious tour operators, visiting remote areas of Sudan and learning much about its wonderful traditions and culture


Our Mission

Our mission is to fulfill your group’s tour dreams  in new and exciting ways, and do it better than envisioned.  We aim to make every tour exhilarating and energizing for everyone involved

 It is  aligned to our core values support at Algalib Travel . They are the essence of our identity and provide the guiding principles to our behavior and the relationships we have with our customers and partners. Our values  are, We are real and authentic and truly believe in what we do, We aim to be the best in the business in everything that we do and  We are optimistic and always look on the bright side

Our Vision

We are keen to show the bright face of Sudan and to attract tourists and introduce them to Sudan. We work for the convenience of our customers  to gain their trust and work hard to fulfil our customers' expectations . We  provide hotel reservations of all grades and we can also arrange convenient transportation throughout Sudan


Our focus is in organizing authentic travel experiences for people visiting our country. We place emphasis on quality services with minimal environmental and cultural impact as a priority.

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